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Ride to Patagonia


As of this writing, 1 January 2011, I am in Buenos Aires.

The plan changed a little, ok, a lot. It is now called, "Ride taking off from Patagonia". (gotta keep the RtP thing going.)

I'm taking intensive español for another couple of weeks. There are a lot of Brazilians in these classes, so I may go through Brazil, or not. Sal and Deb are going to be arriving on 7 January 2011. They will be taking classes, too. They'll be returning in March. I'll hang with them until then.

I have everything to ride back north except a bicycle. All indications were that finding a bike would not be that difficult. Lauro Competición has some pretty good road bikes, but does not specialize in touring nor mt bikes. They were kind enough to advise me to go to Nodari. As of this writing, they expect to have a bike my size on Monday. ¡Espero!

I have been taking some photos around Buenos Aires. All the photos from 18 December 2010 until probably the end of January 2011 will be in or near Bs. As.

29 January 2011

Sal and Deb have arrived a few weeks ago. We've decided what we're going to do in a few weeks. We're taking the luxury bus to San Carlos de Bariloche (aka Bariloche) on 8 February. This is a 17 hour trip!

We'll do a little riding there and visit some people we met in Buenos Aires. Within a week we'll do some serious riding, a four day ride over the Andes to Puerto Montt. Ride over the Andes This sounds epic, but I suspect that it will be one hard day, then pretty easy the rest.

Then we'll head north to Chillán, Chile where lives an aquaintance of Sal from his farm business.

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