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  Well, we finally got out and about, Froggy! Whatever was that driver thinking! I'm glad we stopped for a cafe! Why did we go into that closet with all of the bicycles.
That was a bicycle shop. Totally cool place, Betty Lou! At least two floors of bicycles.
Ah a shopping mall! I think the driver is starting to understand my needs. And a nice little coffee place. With lots of nice people.
I think that other place, Cafe Limbo will have good food, though the food we've had so far has been pretty good.
Yeah, Froggy, what is it with the estate we're staying in? Who is that lady that comes around at dinner time? And why doesn't she speak English like we do? This is all very confusing, Froggy!
Betty Lou, were staying in a "casa huespuedes".
Is that sort of like Casa Blanca? When do we see Humphry Bogart and Loraine Becall?
I think tomorrow, Betty Lou. Betty Lou, Silvia is speaking Spanish and the driver spends most of his day going to Spanish language school. Remember, we're in South America?
Do you speak Spanish?
Why should I? Everyone should talk to me in English. That is, when I wish to be spoken to.
It's part of our contract with the driver. He has to negotiate our food and lodging and all of the other things for us and they don't speak English here.
That's silly, Froggy, everyone speaks English.
Yes, of course, Betty Lou. I forgot. But for now, let's pretend they don't, OK?
Silly game. I don't want to fuss about it, so I'll play. I expect to go out tonight, you know. But I don't understand why they call the shoes "high tacos". Shouldn't we be eating tacos instead of wearing them? But in playing the game, "Where are my shoes with high tacos"?
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