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  Look, Betty Lou! We're on the internet!

Who isn't, Froggy?

No, I mean our conversation.

We're on that social network thingy, Sometimes I wonder if you have any brains, Froggy.

I don't, Betty Lou. All that is in my head is synthetic fiber. But it doesn't bother me. Let's talk about our trip to Siena today.

The only good part about our trip was when I was invited to join those fabulously ultima moda women at their table for lunch. Speaking of lunch, you almost lost yours in our limo.

Betty Lou, we were in a bus and you forced yourself on those poor girls. They looked so shocked and annoyed that you would interfere with their reparte.

I think you do not recognize awe when you see it. I am famous and everyone wants to be seen with me.

I liked the gelato. :) And the big ol' buildings and the Piazza and the Fountain of Gaia.

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... dusty old buildings, nothing new there. There were some nice places to shop though.

You don't have any money, Betty Lou. Besides, nothing is in your size.

I don't need any soldi, Froggy. I am so well known that people just give me things.

I'm glad you've learned at least one word of l'Italiano. I think it's nap time.

Yes, I need some beauty sleep for tonight's party in my honor. Oh, what should I wear.

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