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Travel notes

When I traveled around the world, I took photos, journaled and wrote letters. The photos faded, the journals and letters were lost, and it was sometimes months before anyone knew where I was.

With this media, my notes will persist (as long as I keep up the rent on the web site) and people will know where I am and where I've been and, to some extent, where I'm going. I always meant to write up a story about my travels and as of yet, have not. This way, I will tell my story in real time.


"This day's track"

My favourite program from viewing tracks is Google Earth, though it can be a bit intimidating. I am using GPSVisualizer. They do a very good job of showing tracks plus it allows an easy link to pictures.


A word about my safety

Many people worry about this for they have watched too many movies and too much TV and believe too much of what they read in the newspapers. I have found that people are wonderful and mean you only well. I place my safety in their hands; and yours.

That said, if you ever receive a ransom message for my safe return, know then that I will not return. Take comfort in that I was happy to have known you and that you have known me. Similarly, if you receive knowledge that I am being held by some political and/or power entity until I do their bidding, I am a lost cause, for I have no more information and have nothing more to say than I have put here.

If you don't hear from me for some time, just assume that I am out there, just a little too far from an internet connection.

Bon Voyage,

Gregg 6 April 2009



Ride to Portland
Ride to Patagonia
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